O-rings have become a staple in the sealing industry. O-rings are used in places where different parts of a mechanism meet and where chances of leakage is high. With their ability to seal and stop a leakage, they have become a key component to keeping things flowing smoothly. O-rings can be found in various industries, but the type of material and size will vary on what type of environment it’s being exposed to. You can ensure that an O-ring will be an optimal piece when it comes to sealing any for of leakage and allowing proper flow.

In the United States, AS-568 has become the standard, but O-rings do come it different shape and sizes. Some of the most important compounds include Buna-N, Neoprene, Silicone, and EPDM, so being able to identify which compound you need is essential. The most commonly used raw materials are synthetic rubber, but they can also be made with plastic or metal. This material is highly versatile and usually comes oversized. It is essential that o-rings are made larger because they shrink in the mold and during the post curing stage. This oversized design will ensure a tighter fight and a longer longevity.  The hardness of the rubber must be taken into consideration as well. The rubber material can be made very soft or very hard. Very soft will be referred to as low durometer reading and very hard will be high. Some sealing surfaces may not totally smooth and some might. Softer material will help aid fluid flow well in areas that aren’t totally smooth and vice-versa.  Understanding the size and material you need is essential in choosing which O-ring is for you. O-rings by default are shaped like a doughnut, but there are instances that there are lobe style o-rings and rectangular cross sectional o-rings each which have their own specialty. O-ring kits are also a viable option when it comes to choosing which is best for you. These kits will contain various sizes, but the material will remain the same.

Understanding what you need will allow you to be able to apply the correct O-ring needed for the correct application. An efficient O-ring is important for every mechanical assembly, and American Seal & Packing can help aid in choosing the correct one for every application.