Chemraz® O-Rings are generally used as an alternative to Kalrez® O-Rings to reduce costs.


Chemraz O-Rings Description:

Chemraz® is a perfluoroelastomer that combines the durability and sealing capabilities of an elastomer with a chemical resistance much like PTFE. Chemraz® is an excellent solution to the unique sealing problems that are prevalent in gas power generators and diesel truck engines. As mentioned above, Chemraz® boasts a chemical resistance comprable to PTFE and is resistant to chemical reagents like inorganic and organic acids, alkalines, ketones, esters, aldehydes, alcohols, and fuels.

Chemraz O-rings, quad-rings, gaskets, and other custom elastomeric shapes last longer and offer complete sealing even in rough environments and a wide range of temperatures (-20°F to 615°F). Chemraz is one of the most cost-effective solutions to the most difficult sealing problems in many industries like PetroChemicals & Power. Chemraz solves even the most difficult sealing problems in all major industrial sectors ranging from those found in pump housings & reactors to those in mixers & valves.

Chemraz O-Rings Properties:

Excellent durability, good chemical resistance, good comp. set, excellent heat resistance

Chemraz O-Rings Temperature Range:

-20°F to 615°F

Recommended For:

Any application that requires a strong durable seal that can withstand high heat and chemical resistance and is perfect for chemical refineries, power plants, paint/lacquer/adhesive production, and even bio-tech research labs. *Chemraz® is a registered trademark of GREENE, TWEED & CO.


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