Hi, I’m Hannah with American Seal & Packing here to talk to you about FPM  O-Rings and Gaskets.

The terms Fluoroelastomers: FKM, FPM, and Viton® are all different designations that stand for the same base material, which is fluoro rubber. FKM is the abbreviation according to the ASTM, FPM is the short form for the fluoroelastomer category according to DIN/ISO and Viton® is the registered trademark of DuPont Performance Elastomers.

Elastomer FPM is resistant to heat, oil, solvents and strong acids. Elastomer FPM has limited resistance butyl acetate, acetone, and methyl alcohol.

Fluoroelastomers are not compatible with Skydrol, amines, ketones, hot water, steam, or brake fluids.

The temperature service range for FPM is a low of -20 degrees and a high of 450F

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It is important to consider the details of your application to select which material is right for your situation.  The staff at American Seal & Packing can tell you which material is best for you based on the temperature, media, application, and pressure you are dealing with

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