FDA O-Rings

Viton® with the chemical resistance of FDA / PFA Teflon® flouropolymers


FDA O-Rings Description:

FDA O-Rings | Ever wanted to make Viton or silicone more chemical resistant? When you order PTFE encapsulated materials you can have the best of both worlds. PTFE Encapsulated materials are ideal for when you need the versatility of Viton® but need it to be chemically inert, or if you need the high temperature properties of silicone but also need it to be more wear resistant.

A large number of processing equipment in the food and pharmaceutical industries use seals like any other manufacturing equipment. O-rings are one such type of mechanical seals used in the food manufacturing industry. These seals are required to withstand corrosion, speed, abrasion, as well as meet FDA standards. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a wide range of rubber and plastic compounds to be used in medical and food processing industry. At AS&P, we provide all kinds of custom FDA approved O-rings of premium quality.


Good Wear Resistance, Good Short-Term Resilience, Good Permeation Resistance

Temperature Range:

-75ºF to 450ºF


Understanding what is required for an application and how to produce or where to source that item are different issues. At American Seal and Packing we have been sourcing food grade materials and distributing them (in the case of o-rings) or producing them (in the case of gaskets). When a customer advises the seals they need are for a clean room or CIP/SIP system we understand they need FDA approved products. The uses of this product are dependant on the material of the core being used and if the core is solid or hollow.


O-rings made of Aflas are generally utillized in chemical and high..


Buna O-rings are the most common o-rings on the market.


EPDM O-rings are a lower cost o-ring that performs well in a number..


The most common AS-568 American standard sizes are..

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