Kalrez® perfluoroelastomer parts are available in a number of different compounds that are formulated to optimize properties to give the best possible performance in various applications.


Kalrez O-Rings Properties:

Kalrez O-Rings – Good Wear Resistance, Good Comp. Set Resistance, Moderate Short-Term Resilience, O-Rings  Good Permeation Resistance

For demanding sealing applications and when you require the best solution, Kalrez O-Rings are the elastomer seals of choice. Kalrez O-rings are supplied in standard O-ring sizes or custom shapes and sizes. This O-Rings offer resistance to over 1,800 different chemicals while offering high-temperature stability. The advanced properties of Kalrez O-rings help maintain seal integrity, improve safety, and reduce maintenance & operation costs. They are also reliable in long-term use due to the wide range of aggressive industrial and electronic grade chemicals. This type of O-ring is used in semiconductor wafer processing, highly aggressive chemical processing, pharmaceutical, oil and gas recovery, aerospace and petroleum applications.

We, at AS&P focus on long-term relationships based on trust, honesty, and communication. Whether you need specialized custom Kalrez O-Ring seals or off-the-shelf standard O-Ring seals, we offer them all at great prices.

Temperature Range:

-10ºF to 615ºF

Recommended For:

High Temperature Resistance, Excellent Chemical Resistance, Low Out Gassing, Chlorine Wet/Dry, Petroleum Oil, Chlorinated Hydrocarbons

Not Recommended For:

Molten metals, Gaseous Alkali Metals, Halogenated Freons/Fluids, Uranium Hexafluoride
*Kalrez® is a registered trademark of DuPont Performance Elastomers LLC


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